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Roseline Deleu (Feng Shui Steps) interviews Lori Mitchell (Speedmanifesting)

  1. Please Lori, tell our readers briefly WHEN, HOW, WHERE or in WHICH circumstances we met?
    SHOES Lori and Roseline
    Roseline and I lived in the same residential neighbourhood. My husband was talking to her about the mysteries of life and he suggested that we should meet. When we did, it was an instant shared understanding of Universal principles. Our relationship took off from there, as we started running weekly “Living the Secret” workshops in our area. It was an exciting time. Roseline believed in my dreams and saw me as already accomplishing them, at a time when I couldn’t see myself there yet. I will always be grateful to her for that.

2. Since then, could you share what is the most interesting Feng Shui result that you have experienced?
When I learned about Feng Shui from her and her books, I began to apply the concepts and saw immediate results within 9 days, just as Roseline said. The most interesting result was uncanny: I got rid of some sentimental jewellery that I was ready to release, and two people contacted me out of the blue after 30 years. They were both from around the time I received that jewellery! As Roseline says, when you move energy around, things begin to happen. I have a beautiful connection to the energies of my home thanks to Roseline’s work and teachings. And my husband pays more attention to it too, thanks to her!

3. Let’s talk more about you now Lori… Tell us a little about yourself and your business
I got into personal development years ago but was already in a computer career. After I managed to turn my life around (more about that shortly) I was living in Australia working for a computer company. It was getting more and more frustrating (long drives, traffic, office bound work) and one day in late 2006 I was watching an early version of “The Secret”. I remember standing up in the middle of the room the second time I watched it and saying “I know what I want to do! I want to teach teachers this stuff!” I wanted more people to know that it was possible! I recognised that I had applied some of those principles to turn my life around, but I also knew there was more. So I began to read and take courses and I worked out where the ancient teachings met those Success Principles. I tested it with others, and when they began to get breakthroughs I got very excited, because I knew this could apply to so many people.

4. What are the five words that people would use to describe Speedmanifesting.com?
This is a method to “turn your life around quickly” (that was hard for me to only use 5 words!!)

5. What was the purpose on starting your SPEEDMANIFESTING business and how has the concept come about?
ILOVEheartSPEEDManifesting235I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I was once “successful” and then I lost it all. I continued to struggle for 2 years while things just got worse: debt & finances, relationships, health; all the easy success seemed gone. I really couldn’t tell what happened but I kept searching for the answers and trying harder. One day I got the last missing piece of my puzzle and in one hour I manifested $1100. Then, within about 6 months my family and I were living our dreams in Paradise with all our debts paid off, and we paid cash for a new home. I wanted to repeat the success in turning my life around anytime, and so I created a step-by-step system that is duplicatable. This was way before the Global meltdown, so I guess I was preparing the answers for others after me. I use parts of it every day, but when I find myself off track, I go back to the beginning and through each of the 7 Steps! It works!

6. What are the most common issues that people who come to see you for advice?
Most people are in lack when they contact me. They usually look for more money first to solve the other problems, and then when they have enough money they realise there is more work to do in other areas such as relationships, connection to nature and self-love. All of the people who come to me already know about the concepts of Universal Laws and The Law of Attraction, and they want to get to an advanced level of manifesting. Sometimes their desire is speed, and sometimes it’s just ease and flow with manifesting.

7. Tell us more about your services that you provide to your clients?
I have a variety of learning resources; my books on Amazon, and an online self-study course with videos, eBooks and audios, and a group membership site for shared learning. I also take a few coaching clients when people want to apply the Method in a very personal way to break through previous barriers. My radio show replays are on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio. I have a new membership site where people can get group coaching calls and shared access to more resources for reasonable cost. Coming up soon I will be opening up a teachers’ certification course for The Method.

8. Tell us about your process for working with clients?
My clients start by contacting me for a Strategy Session. This is usually an hour’s cost but I do 30 minutes as a complimentary trial. That way, they get to see how we might work together and we do a goal-setting exercise right on the call. After that, they sign up for 12 weeks of coaching. These are weekly calls (usually on Skype or phone) with 12 topics to apply and homework to complete so they keep on track with their dreams. After all, goals are your dreams with a deadline! We set clear intentions together, set accountability actions and clear blocks to manifesting fast. I am so proud of my past coaching clients. Their dreams are coming true, they are all prospering and all of them are truly inspiring to know.

9. What advice can you offer to people who are just discovering Speedmanifesting?
I think it’s really important to know yourself first. So when studying The Method, find what you have been missing and apply that to build on what you already know. That way, you get fast results.

10. Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?
speedcoverKindle82013_280x448My book is in two versions, one with questions and exercises throughout SPEED Manifesting: the Method, and one that is a “SpeedBook” version which reads with flow as an eBook. You don’t need a Kindle, as it also reads on iPad or as a download on your PC. You can find it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B00DUE3TWE

11. Where do we find your services?
I highly recommend starting with my free 7 Day Video Course. You can sign up on my site. It is a good companion to the book too. You’ll get to know me a bit more through the course too.

To my good friend Roseline: Thanks for all that you do!
Abundant blessings,

Lori Mitchell – Gold Coast, Australia
mobile: +61 405 007 977
Facebook: http://facebook.com/speedmanifesting.fanpage
Twitter: http://twitter.com/lorimitchell
Follow my blog at http://speed-manifesting.com