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Roseline Deleu (Feng Shui Steps.com.au) interviews
Lesley Crossingham a spiritual artist and clairvoyant of www.lesleycrossingham.com.au and also the editor of The Alternative E-Zine and Psychic Directory: www.findyourpsychic.com

  1. Please Lesley, tell our readers briefly WHEN, HOW, WHERE or in WHICH circumstances we met?
    It is so interesting, when you look back, to examine where and when a person came into my life. This is beautifully demonstrated by my obviously “meant-to-be” meeting with Roseline in 2003. At that time both of us were resident authors in a book distribution organization based in New South Wales. I was visiting Canberra to attend a psychic expo, met up with the book distributor, who insisted that I meet Roseline. He arranged a dinner-date with the three of us meeting up in a restaurant. Roseline and I immediately hit it off and found ourselves talking about all kinds of things, not the least of which was our desire to publish yet another book each. The relationship with the book distributor dissolved away as we both began a new pathway of self-publishing working on our respective publications ourselves, including jointly using the same printers based in India.
    At the same time I was preparing to move from Victoria up to Queensland, and so was Roseline. Both of us moved north within a matter of weeks of one another, and we ended up living just a short distance from one another. We both took this as a sign and then offered several joint-workshops combining Roseline’s knowledge of Feng Shui with my knowledge of fine art and clairvoyant wisdom.

 2. Since then, could you share what is the most interesting Feng Shui result that you have experienced?
I believe the best way to learn is through experience. As an artist I recognise the power of fine art and the power of personally created art projects. However, Roseline brought the element of placement and intention into the whole process. Now it has become part of my creative process. It sounds very simple, and indeed it is, yet the affects are profound. Now, as I boldly state that I wish to create a painting exemplifying a particular energy or feeling, the colours, the patterns and even the materials seem to shimmer. This is clearly an indication from the higher self.

From a more mundane point of view, Roseline’s gentle reminders such as removing clutter, broken things, hoarded objects, and old sentimental junk has been a profound influence in my life. Like so many of us, I was raised never to “waste” anything and to keep any gift, no matter how ugly or impractical. Roseline lovingly points out that such actions are not loving actions to the self and that we shouldn’t put material objects before people. This advice seems so obvious yet we can all unconsciously fall into the trap of believing that something will “come in handy one day.” Before you know it, your house isn’t yours anymore because it is filled to the brim with old, broken and unloved objects. Therefore hardly surprising that our lives can get bogged down and stuck with all of this in our environment!

3. Let’s talk more about you now Lesley… Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
Lesleysitting1I have been a spiritual artist, author and writer for many years. I have a journalism background and love being creative with words and with art materials. I discovered that websites can be like painting with fonts, jpg files, glyphs and fill-colours. One of the leading software programs is actually called “dream weaver,” which is so very appropriate for what can be done with websites.

I have been very successful in my chosen profession for close to thirty years but found that many psychics, healers and other “spiritual” professionals struggle with getting their name out there and promoting their many skills and talents. This is why I created Find Your Psychic Directory.

The Directory has many search engines including geographic location, as well as the ability to search for certain attributes, such as mediumship or perhaps a certain healing modality. The Alternative E-Zine is regularly updated with many supportive articles helping people make educated as well as conscious choices about the kinds of readers, healers or spiritual teachers who are out there.

4. What are the five words that people would use to describe Find your Psychic Directory?
Informative * enlightening * entertaining * educational * thoughtful

5. What was the purpose on starting your Find your Psychic Directory?
We live in very complicated times and more and more people are becoming aware of spiritual teachers and mentors. However the choices can be overwhelming and even intimidating for many people. Find Your Psychic Directory can and does offer a huge selection of spiritual guides/psychic readers and spiritual mentors allowing the viewer to make informed and educated decisions on which psychic to contact.

6. What are the most common reasons of people who come and join you?
graycrystalballMost psychics join the website in order to get their name out into the public arena and allow would-be clients to truly think about what they need in a reader. Only serious and dedicated clairvoyants/psychics and teachers list their services on our site because the “fly-by-night” types prefer to hide behind phoney names, and therefore remain anonymous and secretive.

7. Tell us more about your services that you provide to your subscribers?
Find Your Psychic Directory has several categories, but essentially we offer three types of listings. We have a “short’n’sweet” one paragraph FREE listing that is available to any spiritual worker who is serious and dedicated to working in the spiritual industry. We also have premium and featured listing options which allows the listee to have colour banners, advertisements for their books and products, a longer more detailed listing and a link to their facebook or website page.

8. Tell us about your process for working with clients/subscribers/members (choose what you want here)?
Find Your Psychic is basically an automatic search-engine website. You simply “join” using a user name and password, and then upload photos, products, and words about yourself. I usually don’t have to jump in to assist, but I am happy to do so for those who are a little over-whelmed by websites.

9. What advice can you offer to people who are just discovering Find Your Psychic Directory?
fyplogoIf you are a spiritual worker, a psychic, clairvoyant, healer or teacher consider having a listing to help raise your profile. The simple fact is that the more your name is “out there” the more people will begin to associate you with your talent or trade. On the other hand, if you are seeking guidance, either clairvoyantly or via a spiritual teacher you will find dedicated professionals and heart-based teachers listed on the site. www.findyourpsychic.com

In all cases, trust your feelings and instincts. Know that as you offer your wisdom or you seek to find wisdom, a way will be shown. Simply check out the website, read some of our very insightful news articles and follow your heart.

The site is very well protected from spam hunters and other internet trawlers. Your email contact address is protected so you won’t find your details on other listings without your permission.

10. Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?
Although my book, LightBody is now well over ten years old, it is still one of the best introductions into the spiritual realms. It is available via Find Your Psychic and on my own website.

11. Where do we find your services? (list office, links websites & contact)
Please check out my listing on www.findyourpsychic.com along with any other spiritual workers that interest you. I draw your spirit guides, angels and animal totems, and give clairvoyant readings. To discover more about this ancient art-form, please check our my detailed website: www.lesleycrossingham.com.au.

There are regular email newsletters on both sites, so please sign up and receive regular email updates on all my news, and the news of other Find Your Psychic listees.