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Out of sight, out of mind” – this could well be the first easy Feng Shui step to understand how to deal with this art of placement. It is then easy to take a simple action when it comes to bottles for those of you with too high alcohol intake.

alcoholWhat you scan, you create. Your interior and your decor have a huge impact on your life. Your brain constantly records the messages hidden in your interior. Hidden behind the doors of your cupboard, alcohol and wine bottles won’t trigger that subliminal desire to get an alcoholic drink.

When I met Virginia and Geoff at her birthday party, their new home was tastefully decorated. Their life was very tense though, money was scarce as they had moved away from a big city and big income. Here, the weather was warmer and it felt like a holiday. The problem is that Geoff couldn’t make the same living. He started and was struggling with his own company and, as he already was for the past 20 years of their marriage, he was this time again often involved with alcohol.

When Geoff was drinking, he was silly and he wasn’t the same person. The father figure that he was showing to their children didn’t fit into the ideal family that they had both promised themselves the day they exchanged their marital vows.

Virginia couldn’t stand this anymore and called me to see how I could help. She knew that I am traveling heaps and that my guidance and coaching are available on the phone. Geoff knew me and was comfortable to talk. He was ready to make a step. He had lost his driving license due to drink driving. Times were even tougher now. They both wanted to keep their family together and prepare a happier life ahead.

Geoff’s conversation is similar to most of us. When he explained his situation, he often used the verb ‘to try’. As Master Yoda said in one of the first Star War movies: “TO TRY doesn’t exist; you DO or you DO NOT”.  Each time you use the verb ‘TRY’ you are actually fooling yourself, you are subtly giving you an excuse that you are not doing something that you would really like to do.

“I am trying to give up smoking… I am trying to go to the gym… I am trying to lose weight… I am trying to give up alcohol… “ – and the list goes on. Please become aware that you smoke or you don’t; you get fitter, you get lighter, you get sober or you don’t. The first step with the Feng Shui of your Mind now is to erase this verb ‘to try’ from your vocabulary and start doing what you truly wish. It’s working very powerfully!

Geoff agreed that he needed to rebuild his self confidence and had already started avoiding alcohol most days. The most difficult was his social drinking, when he was with his mates. We came up with a strategy that he chose to put in place. Each time he was with his mates and he felt like taking a beer or a whiskey, he was instead going to the bathroom, washing his face and get back to the room ready to take a lemon lime and bitters instead. It worked.

Alcoholic drinks were now stored inside the pantry. What did we do from a Feng Shui of the Mind point of view? We allowed Geoff to change the flow in his behaviour, his pattern. When becoming aware of the alcohol craving while with his mates, he had to do something unusual that got him out of the way stepping towards the alcohol drink. Geoff decided he was implementing a distraction: going to the bathroom. By going there, it was giving him time to think and get out of the space, change his mind and put water onto his face was refreshing.

I explained to Geoff how I view this alcohol craving. I use a metaphor – imagine alcohol being an entity hanging onto you, craving for its favourite food: alcohol (this can apply for any craving, sugar, cigarettes, food etc.). The more you give this entity what it craves and requests the bigger it gets. You tend to become your craving, your disease, your problem.

You – and only You – choose what direction your life takes.
Each of us is living his own story.
We can’t change anyone or anything; we can only change our perception.

The less Geoff drank alcohol, the smaller his entity shrunk to finally disappear.  He symbolically cut the cord that was linking him with this entity. It is not part of him anymore. He is on a better track now and the family is healing. Today, he sticks new labels on each of his soft drink bottles “Joy” – “Laughter” – “Happiness” – “Compassion”… a small step to keep everyone happy.

May this beautiful story inspire you!

Roseline Deleu aboriginal feng shuiFeng Shui starts with your mind set and is reflected inside your home… or is it the other way around? 🙂

Roseline Deleu
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