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fractals20 years ago I totally detached of the Chinese Feng Shui items determining luck and happiness in Asian countries and I became very aware of the messages included in all objects, homes and clothes that people surrounded themselves with. I adapted my Feng Shui approach and teachings to all cultures with a lot of respect and it resonates very well with my clients and students. Let me share with you today a little part of what I apply in regards to the unseen thought forms.

My best Feng Shui recipe for you is:
Common Sense + Taste + Understand the Unseen + Positivity
= Happiness & Well Being!

Tina Higgins Mystical MomentAll your objects, photos, pictures, paintings have been ‘charged’ with intent, memories, souvenirs – those are giving life to what I will refer in this article as thought forms. All these thought forms are still alive today – whether you are conscious of them or not. Stored in your objects and surroundings, they encourage you to move on or stagnate – depending on the initial intent.

ring cutHow much have you ‘tried’ to change situations in your life and still go back to your ‘old ways’. How often have you met the same kind of partner with the same challenges without realising that the common denominator is… You!
How many women keep the jewellery of a broken relationship and complain that they can’t seem to meet anyone else? How many couples keep on display pictures of deceased animals and continuously feed the sadness. And the list goes on – I am sure that some examples will immediately come to your mind. Homes are filled with details, souvenirs, furniture and colours representing our lives, very often our past… How much are you now living the present moment (Carpe Diem)?

This article gives you the opportunity to re-assess your life and look at those thought forms that are hovering inside your home and inside your heads.

A thought form can only survive when your thoughts feed it.
It lives in symbiosis with your mindset and your attitude.
It is stored around you and is hanging onto you.

The thought form feeds off you and you are in symbiosis. What is a symbiotic relationship? It is an association in which one organism lives on another, or where one partner lives inside the other. We are more used to the term symbiosis in biology when we speak about bacteria or parasite plants. Today look how much in symbiosis you are with some negative thoughts, how much of these are reminded and stored in your surroundings. You can decide to shift this. You can opt for positivity and get rid of what is emotionally too heavy for you.

Feng Shui energy clearing by Jaroslav Kovaricek CDsClearing the energies of the thought forms is possible. There are many ways to start doing so – for example:  clear items under running water or salt water (depends on the items), smudge them or put them in the full moon (remember to protect yourself when you do any of those clearings). There is also an easy way clearing with music – I sell Jaroslav Kovaricek Feng Shui clearing CD on http://fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html#cddvd where egregores are cleansed for you even while you are out of the house.

Then… It is essential to change your thought pattern towards your memories and souvenirs by giving the object a new thought form, in other words give it another identity.

Example – I used to own old jewels and I asked an artist to create a new piece for a friend (NOT a romantic friend). Those jewels were charged with memories for me. Gold was melted and transformed into something new in which the artist put a new intent of gift and happiness (he doesn’t know what those used to mean for me, isn’t it). Would I keep this new piece of jewellery for me, it is great as long as I remember the new intent! But would I remember each and every one of the jewels that were in there and recall the memory, then I lost the point and the new piece will still be charged with my old souvenirs! – Hence why it is a much better opportunity to give it without expectations to someone else with clear new intents and let go.

P.S. Now you can better understand the power of tribal artifacts! How many times have I suggested removing tribal art from babies and children bedrooms to find them instantly happier?

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