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During my latest week training new Feng Shui Practitioners in Canberra, as part of the Course, we went to a Shopping Centre to have a closer look at some of the Feng Shui of shop layouts.

Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colourI thought I’d share with you an easy example of what could be improved in the BOSE shop where – even though I love their great Sound Systems – this shop always seems very empty. What can be improved from my Feng Shui point of view?

When placing the magic square onto the surface of the shop, we must check :
1) the placement of furniture and items
2) how the 5 elements theory has been implemented

What is really great is the wavy shape of glass hanging from the ceiling that starts in sector ‘1’. Good Feng Shui indeed asks to have Water near the entry. Well done.

Lack of Feng Shui in BOSE Shop s

This photo shows only 2/3 of the shop, there is 1/3 of it on the left too. –

As illustrated in the picture, we can see 3 major problems that can easily be fixed:
1) In sector ‘2’ Relationship, the red seat is turning its back to the potential clients -> this is not welcoming at all – the seat can be turned facing people coming in – which means with the back of the seat to the white back wall.

2) the fountain on the right hand side is out of order -> no movement – please fix it in order to have a flow and activating sector ‘6’ corresponding to clients. The little musical mice near the fountain are too low (on the floor) this asks people to look down (which is a lack of self confidence and therefore how could they decide to buy such beautiful items… do they deserve them?). These mice don’t really have their place in such a shop, so it would be better to have none.

3) the white back wall is hosting an inside theater. Too much ‘water’ in the Fame (Sector 9) with the glass door. Good Feng Shui would be to paint that wall in RED colour to activate the element of Fire that needs its presence in that sector.

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