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A corridor is usually long and narrow which encourages Sha Chi to speed 😦 ! (Sha Chi being rushed energy, what we don’t like in Feng Shui).

feng shui mistakes in a corridorIt is essential to help Chi meandering and therefore encourage items and decor that will smoothen the Chi flow so that it travels in curves. In Feng Shui, for this purpose we use ‘cures’: whirlwind, mobiles and heavy objects.

Today, I went to a new beautician. While I was sitting on the chair in the waiting area, I was facing the end of their corridor where the door had been paper mounted with a picture doubling the effect of Sha Chi – big mistake! In front of that door showing another long energy escape they had placed on the floor a vase with dried (dead) flowers 😦 .

Another mistake in their layout is the opening above each room cubicle, it means that you could hear all that was said (and endured in case of waxing 😛 ) in all the rooms.

stop the sha chiWhat would have been better on that back door? A picture of a heavy object – for example of a large Buddha, a mountain or a lovely landscape that would open that space.

I can only encourage those of you who have similar business to keep the rooms private and use instead one way mirrors (if there is no receptionist) to help the practitioners to see who enters or to opt for an internal camera system.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & best-selling author