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Yin & Yang is movement, is change, is evolution.
Very seldom the 9 sectors of our life (corresponding to the Magic Square) are all perfectly well balanced.

Today, place the Yin & Yang symbol onto your life and see what is quiet (Yin = dark)  what is active (Yang = white)!

yin yang symbol applied to magic squareFor example – I am about to go to Europe, solve family matters (at this stage) and hopefully also start new projects. As reflected in the picture above, the emphasis (Yang) of my life is heading in sector ‘3’ mainly about family and past need to be solved during this trip (to start with).
Yin is covering sectors 4 & 9… while traveling, I’ll be spending money and investing my time and will be working on my self confidence and well-being (probably will be challenged by what will be happening in sector 3).
On the other hand, in sector ‘2’ the white dot/eye is present, something Yang could well happen there!

In a few weeks all will be very different. In your life too!

Roseline Deleu SydneyAsk yourself where are you up to in your life today and embrace the movement 🙂

Roseline Deleu
international Feng Shui Master & Author