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As many of you already know, I have been spending some time in a very remote area in Northern Territory (Australia) where I continue my Aboriginal and Feng Shui researches while connecting with elders and with the land. I take this opportunity to listen to locals. I participate to the community daily life and I like learning about our differences. I also read as much as I can in old books relating on what has been written on early aboriginal life – by this I mean:  ‘before white men’.

This morning, in one of these old books, I read something that I think fits perfectly for many people (worldwide) today, let’s look and make a parallel into the context of the power of our minds. I’ll share with you a couple of paragraphs on one of the ways indigenous used to fight and kill each other here in this NT (Northern Territory) region less than 2 centuries ago!

 “… – To understand the fighting and dangers of tribal life the skill with weapons and magic must be known. In many cases, what appeared to be magic was a clever attack by a human. To people with these beliefs it was hard to find a line that separated them both.

Sometimes a strong and athletic killer was ordered by the elders to chase a man. He was told that he must NOT use weapons or harm the victim, but the man must die. The chase might last for weeks and cover hundreds of kilometres and for the doomed man there was no escape. This shadowy figure was always following him and in the end his brain became disturbed, he was overcome by fear and exhaustion and death was welcome. To him, his follower had become an evil spirit and this belief killed him. – …” – Excerpt of ‘Wurley & Wommera ‘by Janet Mathews

The shadow of our thoughtsToday this strong athletic shadow could be symbolised by the fear of anything that you don’t want to happen to you… because what you don’t want, you often attract – this is part of the” Law of Attraction”.

Your fears are like that shadow they mention in the book; in this case, fears are the shadow of your personal negative thoughts. You don’t need anyone following you, your minds are creating that thought form, that entity that nags you… when you fear and allow it to frighten you.

Please, focus on what you WISH rather on what you don’t want and your fears will vanish!

I work more and more on the Feng Shui of our minds with this I mean the harmony in our thoughts combined with what surround us. May I suggest you to please fill your lungs with fresh air and happiness (Feng); drink a lot of water and add love thoughts onto your water bottle (Shui) and turn on your television only for fun and uplifting programs?

Enjoy life and fill it with a positive outlook.
Simply, ask yourself today… What do you really want?

Roseline Deleu aboriginal feng shuiTHINK HAPPY and BE HAPPY!

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Best-selling Author is looking forward to training new Feng Shui Practitioners in Australia and worldwide. Visit www.fengshuisteps.com and contact her soon!