Roseline Deleu (Fengshuisteps.com) interviews


1. Please JO, tell our readers briefly WHEN, HOW, WHERE or in WHICH circumstances we met?
We met Roseline many years ago when she was looking to redesign her website. We have 2 branches to our business, operating Cuddles and Curves Lingerie online store and also designing websites (billelphick.com) for clients and Roseline, you approached us due to word of mouth recommendation.

2. Since then, could you share what is the most interesting Feng Shui result that you have experienced?
One of the “fringe benefits” of knowing Roseline is that we have absorbed so much wonderful advice and wisdom from her. We have completed courses she has run and found great improvements in our day-to-day life and in our business due to Roseline’s Feng Shui priniciples and teachings.

3. Let’s talk more about you now JO… Tell us a little about yourself and your business
Our webdesign work and experience gave us lots of skills and this resulted in the Cuddles and Curves Lingerie webiste and e-commerce in 1999.

4. What are the five words that people would use to describe cuddles and curves.com.au?
easy, exciting, beautiful, raunchy & quality.

5. What was the purpose on starting your CUDDLES AND CURVES business and how has the concept come about?
Cuddles and Curves came about because we identified a need for a comprehensive lingerie store, providing high quality apparel in a wide range of sizes so that women of all sizes are catered to (Australian sizes from size 6 to 26). We had been disappointed to find that comprehensize ranges of lingerie in Small to Plus sizes were not readily available online at the time. As the business has been operating since 1999, and we have continued to fine-tune our website, lines of lingerie and customer service, we have built up a loyal clientele and continued to garner new clients around Australia and the world as a result of this excellent service.

6. What are the most common issues of people who come to see you for advice?
Amongst our lingerie clients, many have had bad experiences, either when buying items (or attempting to do so) in person at stores or they have had less than adequate service online at some other stores.
Cuddles and Curves lingerieQuite often their reasons for dissatisfaction elsewhere have concerned their feeling that perhaps because they were a “plus size” person, they were not catered to in the lingerie range or that they were not valued in the same way as “regular” size patrons by the stores.
We have a strongly held belief that all women, regardless of their size, are beautiful and deserve the same access to beautiful apparel.
Sourcing a wide range is not always easy but we have gone out of our way to cater for all sizes. Not only that, but we feel that customer care should form a major part of the service provided. To that end, we are always happy to discuss our client’s needs and help them in making a decision on what to buy, via our website. After sales support, assistance with choosing the correct size garment and an inclusive and helpful manner are of optimum importance to us to ensure that clients feel satisfied and valued.

7. Tell us more about your services that you provide to your clients?
At Cuddles and Curves Lingerie, we provide the following:

  • Private and secure environment for purchasing lingerie from home
  • Large size range from 6 to 26 (Australian sizes)
  • Huge range of beautiful, sexy, erotic and pretty lingerie to suit all tastes
  • Sizing and style advice via email and/or telephone
  • Subscription only service for our regular ‘What’s New’ newsletters
  • Range of payment methods including Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Bank transfer

8. Tell us about your process for working with clients?
At cuddlesandcurves.com.au our first contact with most customers is when we receive an order from them. There may be questions about sizing or delivery and we are more than happy to answer any queries. Orders are then shipped as quickly as possible to the customer who may then wish to sign up for our email ‘What’s New?’ newsletters.

9. What advice can you offer to people who are just discovering CUDDLES AND CURVES?
There is no substitute for communication. If any potential clients seeking any of our services cannot find an answer to all their question on our website, they are very welcome to email or telephone us with their questions or for advice. We are here to provide excellent service and we strive to do exactly that through friendly, personal service. We are only too happy to answer any questions. So our advice is, “please get in contact”.

10. Is there a model that you would recommend?
Lingerie size +“This babydoll is one of my favourite styles because it’s flattering for women of all sizes. It comes in regular and plus size and is available in Black, White or Orchid (purple). I love the combination of pretty and elegant top and sleeves with the sexy sheer skirt. It’s also a great style that can be purchased as a gift.”

11. What are your contact details for Cuddles & Curves?
Call us on +61 (02) 4472 3375
Visit our website cuddlesandcurves.com.au