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Mirrors facing each otherWhile I spent some time in remote aboriginal Australia (NT), my indigenous friends laughed when I covered the mirror in the bedroom. I avoided upsetting them by moving some furniture out of where I slept, while on the other hand I needed the best sleep possible.

They looked at my towel covering the mirror and giggled: “You do like the oldies here; you don’t like mirrors when you sleep.”

Two mirrors facing each other are only suggested in Chinese Feng Shui to create a corridor of “infinity” for a business entry. This is very Yang – it also triggers the eye and the subconscious giving the impression that when clients enter a building, more people seem to enter as they see their reflection moving in the facing mirrors.

In our bedrooms, this is NOT the case! We need Yin Feng Shui to rest peacefully, so the less mirror, the better!

Reflective WaterAs I am reading many books for the moment on Aboriginal culture and lore, I came across Aboriginal rituals and beliefs that confirmed similar views about mirrors, water and reflective ponds. As we know in Feng Shui, ponds, water reflection and mirrors are considered equivalent from a symbolic and an energy point of view.

I give you here an excerpt of one of the books I have been reading. Even though this little paragraph talks about old rituals (before white men), you will get to realise that naturally, reflections are important and believe to be dangerous in some case. That might get you reflect upon what surrounds you.

“… – When doing some cursing rituals, the witch doctor must be careful of doing this correctly. The sun or the moon must be behind him and he had to be certain that there was no waterhole in front. If there were, he might be caught himself by the magic rebounding from the water. – …” – Excerpt of ‘Wurley & Wommera ‘by Janet Mathews

To sleep well – start with common sense… and you will feel what disturbs your sleep, a sad picture, a mirror, two mirrors facing each other, a broken item, the photo of a dead tree?

Remember – Mirrors are often gateways to Spirits and some of those Spirits are not always the kind ones 🙂 !

Comfortable bedroom for a good night sleepBe wise. Look at your environment with positive eyes and adapt your decor accordingly.
A good Feng Shui bedroom is harmonious, decorated soft colours inspiring peace and rest. The less mirror the better.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author www.fengshuisteps.com