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Along with the Yin and the Yang, the five elements are an additional way of analysing and harmonising the Chi. Chi can therefore be divided into: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

These properties and essences characterise all matter. They can be associated with colours, seasons, shapes, directions, planets, textures, body organs and so on…

Creative cycle

  • Fire produces Earth (ash)
  • Earth creates Metal (minerals)
  • Metal produces Water (although water rusts metal, water droplets also form on the outside of a metal cup when holding cold liquid)
  • Water provides for Wood
  • Wood feeds Fire.

 creative cycleFig. 1 – Creative cycle

Water feeds WoodFig 2 – Illustrating “Water feeds Wood”

Here we see the colour scheme of “Water feeds Wood”, dark blue for the Water element… Green and Light Blue for the Wood as well as the colour of this paper bark tree trunk, which means that paper, papyrus are also considered as the Wood element in your decor (textures).

A picture like this could decorate your home except in following cases:
NEVER put this sort of picture with Water:
– behind your back where you study or where you work
– in your sector # 2 (relationship)
– in your master bedroom (marriage)
BECAUSE in those cases, Water creates a lack of stability behind your back, lack of stability in your Relationship & Marriage.

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