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This is the last post of the series on the 5 Elements… After the Colours of the Earth, Water, Fire and Metal… here are finishes and colours of Wood.

Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colourThe presence of each element in every room brings harmony while the most predominant presence in that room should be corresponding to the Element of the sector your room is located (see Ba Gua grid).

For the Wood areas, sectors 3 and 4, the predominant colour or decor should be Green. A touch of Water is also essential (Water feeds Wood).

Wood element, tree trunk, green leaves and blue skyWood is often represented by green and in some Feng Shui schools also by the colour light blue (symbolising the blue sky above).

It also includes the Wood finish, the decor of columns, vertical lines, cylinders (they symbolise the trunk of trees)

Plants are WOOD – alive they need WATER to survive and grow

Shades of WoodThe WOOD tones are usually: all shades of GREEN and in some cases, some consultants will also recommend light blue.

Think of this when decorate your rooms next!

Roseline Deleu aboriginal feng shuiFeng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
international Feng Shui Master, best-selling author & inspirational speaker