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Kitchen and DiningWhere is your kitchen located and what does this imply?
Follow the Black Hat school of Feng Shui and place this magic square grid aligning the side 8-1-6 with your main entrance, then divide your home plan into 9 equal areas (without worrying about your walls, this means that one room might well be occupying more than one area).Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colour

Area 1 = Avoid having kitchen in area 1 as you are putting ‘Fire’ in the “Water”. If so, add metal appliances and choose when possible black finishes. A wooden kitchen is a total ban in this case!

Area 2 = When the kitchen is in area 2 and the layout of the stove is in the power position (cook looking at the entering Chi), you should have a great relationship/marriage.

Area 3 & 4 = Add a transparent vase with fresh flowers or an ornament with fresh water for example a little indoor water fountain to see your wealth, abundance and health thrive

Area 5 = The kitchen area in the centre of the house is considered auspicious as long as there is proper ventilation and natural light

Area 6 = The “Fire” might be melting the ‘Metal’ this means that you might not be traveling as much as you’d really like or not getting as many visitors as hoped. To improve this, paint the room an earthy colour or choose this time of shades for your tiles. A white kitchen is always good.

Area 7 = You might be struggling to become pregnant when the kitchen is in sector 7. The same applies for putting your ideas and project into action. Add fresh white flowers on your workbench and a touch of black decor is very welcome too. Avoid wooden finishes though!

Area 8 = with the kitchen in that location you will see yourself opening up to the spiritual world and being guided. It is an good location for children’s good studies at school as long as their desk in their study is in the power position – which means with a full wall behind their back and looking at the entering Chi.

Area 9 = Good for well being except when the kitchen has an excess of wood or fire which means no read nor wooden kitchen that could encourage problems with hyper tension and heart conditions.

Area # kitchen is in






Career struggle. Can’t see what to do in life. Lacking motivation Add Metal and Water elements


No major relationship issue None necessary


Weak Health, lack of respect for Elders Add water, fountain, black decorative items


Money easily spent Place real money in a red envelope. Add decorative Water


No big problem, usually feeling good None necessary


Lack of travels and few visitors Transparent marbles or some pebbles to decorate the room


Fertility challenged Decorate with fresh white flowers and add the element of Water


No major problem studying None necessary but check if desk in the study is in the power position


If red or wooden kitchen, there is an excess of Fire Redecorate quickly with less Fire, add Water or black decorative items

Easy Feng Shui Steps - Cartoon illustrated book by Roseline Deleu

Excerpt of “Cartoon Guide” – Easy Feng Shui Steps by Roseline Deleu