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Fill Void in Feng ShuiNew house designs can trigger interesting Feng Shui questions.The most common that I encountered recently is the ‘void’ above the entrance/foyer.
How is Chi flowing? Upwards in most cases! That is when we’ll have lots of ups and downs in life unless we come up with an interesting Feng Shui ‘cure’ to help Chi flow first downstairs then upstairs.

It is then that we choose an intricate long light to fill the gap in order to keep Chi flowing happily.

Moving object to fill voidIt is important to have a lovely object in this void: choose a moving object that corresponds to your taste – it does not need to be necessarily a light even though a light needs to be present in that void in one or another way.

This picture illustrates a large void in a Shopping Center, may it inspire you to have something with similar impact in your home: Chi flows and meanders, objects are curved and lovely.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant, best-selling Author. Consults and trains worldwide.
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