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Use your front doorI still recall when I was a child… at my grandmother’s in the country, we all always came in through the back door, a store room where we had to step over and around all sort of boxes and dirty wash-in-the-waiting before finally accessing her kitchen door.
Her front door was permanently locked and the only odd door knockers would occasionally ring the door bell. I must admit that the energy in her place was very stagnant and clutter was everywhere.

When you get in and out of a home from the back door only
-> You are missing out on opportunities!

On the other hand, entering the front door is so much more welcoming!

Let’s compare your home with your body… Your entry is your smile.
You can easily imagine what your back door corresponds to… 😉

Your mouth is where you eat and drink = your entry door where Chi enters
Your eyes help you see = your windows
Your breathing = your ventilation, air-conditioning  and chimney

Easy Feng Shui Steps - Cartoon illustrated book by Roseline DeleuToday have another look at your entry, wash your windows, remove unnecessary items and furniture blocking the light coming through windows and clean up A/C filters and chimneys.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & best selling author