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waiting for Mercury to go forwardAs I am preparing this post, the good old Mercury planet is retrograding. It does happen a few times per year each time usually for around 3 weeks approx.

What does it mean?
To my humble experience, here is what I have discovered (and this corresponds to what Astrologers say):

It is then the BEST time to RE-view, RE-think, RE-schedule, RE-do… Yes, you are getting it, ‘RE’ + a verb of your choice.
It is also ideal time to work on your past issues and challenges and heal those times and parts of your life.

It is the WORST time to change phone, internet connection, buy electrical items, sign contracts etc. Do NOT start a new project (I did this once and even though it was a wonderful project, it never saw life).

When Mercury challenges me, I see appointments re-scheduled 2 or 3 times, typo mistakes in my emails, words disappearing (or my brain skips them) when I write articles—so I hope this one is readable for you 🙂

 Step 1—Live the Moment
When it is “MR” time (Mercury Retrogrades) then live the “N” time… The NOW!

bicycle with square wheelsThere is no point of wanting to be in Control! When Mercury is retrogrades, there will be many moments that you will feel like riding this blue bicycle with square wheels and you will be riding it up on a sandy hill – I am sure you get the picture!

Step 2—Laugh
Once you understand that situations are evolving “interestingly” during Mercury retrograde (one step forward, two backwards), you know that it is out of your hands. Smile.
Stay alert to which buttons Mercury is pressing on your “stress dashboard”!

Consider life as an adventure,“M” (Mercury retrogrades) times are filled with surprises.
Smile, laugh and detach from control.

Prepare, review and wait for the opportune (favourable) moment to make things happen.

851xsI hope this little post will touch those of you who need it right now.

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