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February has been a challenging month for many… filled with movements and changes and asking you to adapt FAST to new situations! You had to say ‘goodbye’ to the comfortable cocoon where you were. What you can’t see as yet is that… it is for the better (you’ll remember this in a few weeks time)!

sad and happyFor those of you who would lack ‘grounding’ and seem to carry a uncomfortable feeling/consciousness/anger/sadness/resentment/etc… here is a very good trick: HAVE A SEAL SALT SHOWER !

A shower to uplift your moods steps by steps:

1. Become conscious of what is ‘attached’ or ‘sticking’ onto your aura/ego and bothering you
2. Put some baroque music (for example Chopin) in your home while you go for a shower – this music will harmonize the space. Even better, play Jaroslav Kovaricek Feng Shui Acoustics CD see how to purchase it on the bottom of this post.
3. Add some water to 1 or 2 tbsp (table spoon) of good quality sea salt  let it turn into a sort of paste texture.
4. Ask for protection to your angels, guides, God (or who you usually ask)
5. Shrub this salt paste onto your body especially around your neck, shoulder and arms
6. Open the shower tap as you visualize all the negative energy/consciousness leaving with the water
7. Be in gratitude for this process and sing ‘thank you’ in the shower

Wash yourself with some soap if you wish and dry yourself. As you come out of your bathroom, the music will have cleared and rebalanced some of the vibes inside your home.

For those who like… eat a little piece of (Belgian) Dark chocolate as a reward – my favorite!

Uplift your moods with Roseline DeleuYou are now ready to move forward in your path with a new boost of good energy!

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author – Proud sponsor of FENG SHUI Acoustics CD by Jaroslav Kovaricek http://www.fengshuisteps.com.au