Chi is a life essence, a motivating force. It animates all things. This word could also be a synonym of cosmic breath or energy. Chi is also the most important component of Feng Shui.

3 different types of Chi influence our lives:

a)      Chi animates our bodies
The quality of our personal Chi can be improved with daily exercises, good food and a balanced life

b)      Chi circulates in the earth
Ley LinesThe earth energies influence our health. Underground water veins and ley lines have to be detected before completing a physical healing process.  This is why dowsing and water divining are part of my Feng Shui teaching and consulting.

c)      Chi permeates the universe
We cannot change our time of birth nor the stars in the sky at that particular moment. Feng Shui relates this to Heaven Chi. In order to help us achieve life change, I consider our heaven on earth and relate it mainly to our home, sometimes to our office and daily surroundings. Placing our furniture to promote a gentle Chi flow alters our lives for the better. If your astrology forecasts an accident on a particular day, having a correct Chi flow around you will decrease the strength of your life lesson and for example, you might just twist your ankle rather than crashing your new car.

sad and happyEach kind of Chi influences the other. All of us possess a personal Chi (we are not only flesh and bones). We vibrate; our aura expands and retracts depending on our health and moods. Our cells continually regenerate, yet our basic self is the same, that constant self is our personal Chi. Chi is the essence maintaining our physical and emotional balance, our environmental stability and the universal equilibrium.

Chi flows fast, slow, up, down, high low, in, out. It also rises, falls, sinks, floats, bends, twists, curves, inflates, and deflates.

Chi travels along curves, waves, spirals, mazes, labyrinths or straight lines. It pulses through electrical fields and disperses with the wind.

Bad’ Chi
Negative Chi is called Sha Chi. Chi becomes Sha Chi when it carries unfavourable currents that will affect you negatively. Sha Chi drips. It oozes through cracks, holes, broken windows and chipped items. It accumulates and stagnates in dead corners and sharp angles. Sha Chi is aggravated by bad smells, too bright lights and loud irritating noises. Sha Chi can be felt, sensed, smelled, heard and tasted. It is dangerous, sharp, rotten, contaminated, polluted, toxic and painful. It can be internal or external, hidden or apparent and it affects physical, mental, spiritual and social conditions.  Sha Chi is also produced on a grand scale by geographical faults and fissures in the earth.

Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui 3rd Edition BOOK COVER Good Chi meanders
Sha Chi speeds

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