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Moving HouseMoving house is one of the top stressful time of your life (together with grieving, divorce and losing one’s job).
Moving house gets you out of your comfort zone, of old routines and habits.
Moving house can be daunting so I prepared for you a Feng Shui manifesting Check List to start making your move as smooth as possible…

Before the Move
You know that you are soon to move and don’t know where yet.

List 11 major points that you wish to find in your next home for example:

  1. –          Size :                  studio, 4 BDR home, share accommodation?
  2. –          Annexes:            shed, garage, carport or car park
  3. –          Site:                   preferred suburb or area
  4. –          Specifications:     modern, clean, tastefully furnished or unfurnished
  5. –          Environment:      close to shops, schools, airport (choose)
  6. –          Neighbours:        quiet, young, old, like-minded people etc…
  7. –          Rental:                length of your lease (6, 12 months or other)
  8. –          Purchase:            bracket of the amount you are ready to invest
  9. –          Payments:          weekly rental or weekly mortgage repayment
  10. –          Other details:     other specific points that are important to you
  11. –          Timing:               ideal dates to coordinate your move

sorting your booksA clear cut with your previous (actual) home is important. Therefore, when you start packing, look at the items that you still wish to surround yourself in your new place.

Once you wrote down your Dream Home wish List it is time to date it and sign it then delegate to the Universe, it will look after it! In the meantime, check the usual ways to find a place and see what comes up.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Best-selling Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html