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Feng Shui Steps Ba Gua in colourThere is so much more to Feng Shui than improving Love & Money! These days, clients ask me more and more how to live a harmonious life; they are more focused on their emotional well-being and health!
This corresponds in Feng Shui to the centre of your home, what we see in the Magic Square represented in the sector ‘5’.

Your first easy Steps to Feng Shui by Roseline DeleuThis article is a small extract of my Feng Shui Life Quiz where I suggest you a few questions per your Life Areas – see in my E-book “Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui” 3rd edition by Roseline Deleu

Below, attribute yourself points as follows:
0 point when this affirmations is NOT at all the truth for you
1 point when this affirmation can be improved
2 points when this affirmation is really true for you

Add them up… would you score 10 points or less… it is time to consider some changes and look in the middle of your home (sector 5) what sort of energy stagnates – remove potential clutter, change old pictures on display and feel how your life shifts and changes. ENJOY 🙂

A nice picture of me is displayed in my home
I take care of myself regularly
My life is well-balanced
My body is healthy
I exercise regularly
I can be my first priority
I am able to say YES as much as NO
I go with the flow

Total of – Sector 05 –