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We often consider Feng Shui as the study of the physical structures we occupy. However, the sounds in our environment affect us just as deeply as the physical structures of our dwellings. Even sounds that occur in our home when we are not there will profoundly affect its environment.

We are constantly surrounded by sound; some are disruptive (road works, noisy/fighting neighbours) – some are pleasant and soothing (the sound of birds in your garden, laughing children). In addition, we are also influenced by the ‘sound quality’ within our homes, which is the way the sound reverberates there. All of these sound fields interact and either enhance or diminish our personal energy.

We can transform the energy in our home by learning about sound and also learning how to draw empowering sounds into our environment. Sound travels in waves, similar to the way the water travels in waves when a pebble is dropped into a still pool.

The human ear can only perceive sounds occurring within a very narrow range of frequencies. Other species have a much wider range of hearing than we do and the sound spectrum continues far beyond their capabilities as well. Whether or not the sound around us is audible or inaudible, it nonetheless exerts an influence on us. In addition to perceiving sound with our ears, we also physically conduct it through our bones. Sound reverberates throughout the entire body. It has been suggested that we ‘hear’ vibrations from the earth through our body, which acts as a conductor.

Sounds and music in our house have a dramatic effect on its overall harmony. Some sounds produce a melodic structure which impact on us is like of sacred geometry. Some sounds function as a stimulus that penetrates into rigid objects in our home or workplace so an amazing reorganisation of their energy fields can occur. Other tones have the effect of harmonising and unifying discordant energy. Sound changes the vibrational frequency of our home.

A research done by PhD Jaroslav Kovaricek (famous ABC Radio announcer for many years of the Dreamtime program) showed the impact of music on health and growth of plants. Two plants were put in the same type of soil and exposed to the same light. One plant received no music while the other one got surrounded by the JJJ radio station playing rock and heavy metal music. The first one grew normally while the one exposed to the ‘JJJ noise’ (as characterized by Jaroslav) grew with difficulty and it even seemed to be crawling towards the ground in search of perhaps… some peace?

What sort of music are we listening to and what is its impact on our homes and bodies? Do you feel ‘low’ and bend your shoulders forward when you walk? Do you have a low self esteem… maybe it is high time to switch your music to “Baroque”!

Baroque music is highly recommended, nature sounds in our home will powerfully activate the Spirit of Nature there. Doing this is especially helpful if we live in an urban area that lacks contact with nature. Simply hearing these natural sounds has an immediate and positive effect on us and the energy in our home.

I had the great pleasure to meet with Jaroslav Kovaricek. His new CD “Feng Shui” is very unique and is a very good tool to clear the home. What a good idea! The place gets cleansed without any personal intervention – no more need to worry about how much we need to protect ourselves before a clearing/smudging ritual!  Its Feng Shui CD is especially conceived to change the vibrations and even only just one track can be played repetitively while you are away from home! You can choose amongst the following 3 elements:
Wind – has a cooling effect – helps to free the home, it walls, its furniture, its mirrors from previous worries and bad memories
Water – brings subtle energies – helps to enhance your career and the flow of your abundance
Earth – reconnects with vibrations of nature – brings more balance into your place and you will feel more grounded and ready to step forward into your life.

“Feng Shui” Acoustic CD by Jaroslav Kovaricek can be obtained through this link  http://www.fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html#cddvd

Kind regards, Roseline Deleu international Feng Shui Master & Best Selling Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html