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TransparencyThose ‘good old days’ are long gone, the time when we used to say “Do what I tell you but don’t look at what I do”.

Today is filled with Transparency and Truth.

ONLY kindly and clearly say what you truly want…

Choose to verbalise what you genuinely wish rather than say what you don’t want. Your brain only remembers the verb (not the negative part of the sentences).

How many times, when a command is “Don’t shoot!” someone pulls the trigger and shoots!? Simply because the (often stressed in this case) person only heard ‘Shoot!’

For example—Don’t say: “I don’t want to fail”
Say instead: “I am ready to succeed”
By focusing on what you wish, you will constantly send to the universe positive affirmations (that is what your brain recalls). Using this process makes the manifestation process so much easier!

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