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YodaYoda (Grand Master of the Jedi Order) said in one of the first Star Wars moviesTry not. Do or do not, there is no try.
I must admit that initially it took me a little while to grasp his words and as soon as I got it, I actually realised that I stopped fooling myself.

Would YOU be ready to implement this wisdom in your daily life?

Today, I smile each time I hear someone ‘try’. I am amazed how often people use this verb without realising that subconsciously they are actually NOT doing it !

Be aware of the words you choose. This is how the Feng Shui of your Mind flows.

Avoid ‘trying’ and instead ‘do’. It has changed my life and it can well change yours 🙂

Roseline Deleu Feng Shui MasterMake your choices with Love for the highest good of all – rather than ‘trying’ to please everyone.

Roseline Deleu – international Feng Shui Master, best-selling author, inspirational Speaker and happy human Being http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html