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I must admit that I feel privileged to enjoy a very special connexion with rocks, boulders, stones and minerals. It might have all started when I sat on a dolmen in Carnac (Britany, France) at the age of 4 … it was reignited when I visited an aboriginal sacred place (near China Camp, QLD, Australia) a few years ago. I can tell you: rocks ARE alive!

Rocks and crystals vibrate to frequency to which you will or will not tune into – it depends on your receptivity and your life style.
Many people will go and buy a crystal from a specialised shop; others, thoseconnecting more with their inner truth, will walk in nature and caress rocks, talk to them and ask permission to ‘adopt’ one respectfully. They will then bring it home and treat it as a guest, show it the house around and keep communicating with it. Then, one day they will considerately bring it back to nature.

They will care for their rock or crystal like they treat humans. They will cleanse it under running water and sometimes under the energies of the full moon. The rock or crystal will feel refreshed and will be shining new energies. How rejuvenated would you feel after having one shower a month? Yes, same for them, now I know that you can understand, maybe rather FEEL how to cleanse them to enhance the energies in your environment.

Rocks and crystals are like humans, they like changing places, they like to interact with others. Don’t leave them all together in a box or in a bowl collecting dust. Instead, wash and cleanse them all then put only ONE crystal or rock per room per week or per month. While displaying each in a prominent (de-cluttered) place – preferably in a focal point that you see when you enter- communicate with them and give them a task, a goal, tell them a story prefereably what’s the best thing that happened to you that day.
Be in gratitude… rocks are indeed very special!

Roseline Deleu, Rock lover 🙂 international Feng Shui Master, Author, Inspirational Speaker http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html