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Your kitchen is the symbol of health.

A few quick tips and a check list to have good look around your kitchen today…

–  Clearing clutter is important. What you do not use every day should not be standing on the kitchen bench. The more those items are put away inside cupboards, the better Chi flows

–  Put your set of knives out of sight as they encourage quarrels in the family

–  Hanging dried flowers, strings of garlic or onion is not recommended as dead plants encourage too much Yin energy. Store them in cupboards or vegetable racks

–  Decorating your kitchen or an overhead beam with hanging pots, utensils and empty baskets is not a good idea as they only collect dust. They are also considered inauspicious as they create lots or ‘poison arrows’

–  Keeping a well stored refrigerator and pantry symbolises abundance as does a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables on the kitchen table

–  The stove, sink and refrigerator should form a triangle. Where a sink is next to a stove, put a wooden item between them to maintain the balance between the energies of fire and water – or it can be as simple as having a wooden bench top in between

–  You should be happy cooking in your kitchen, please avoid depressing pictures, overdue bills stuck on the refrigerator, photos of people who passed away, dying plants etc.

–  Keep the outside of the refrigerator door empty (avoid magnets and real estate calendars that you never look anyway), a clear fridge door is a clear mind 🙂

–  Last but far from being least… avoid watching the news on the television or listening to them on the radio while cooking, they are usually bad news so you can imagine what kind of energy you are adding onto your food! Play some baroque music instead and enjoy your food preparation your health and well-being will improve very quickly.

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