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How much do you want to SELL your home ?
How quick do you want to go and how much are you prepared to WAIT ?
How much are you ready to invest to MOVE ON ?

These are important questions to consider and many forget that the art of placement of Feng Shui can definitely enhance your chances to sell your property to the right new owner.

People “fall in love” with the home they are prepared to buy. What is the first impression that you are giving them when they enter?

OUTDOORS—Ask yourself

1. Is my house number  clearly mentioned on my property and is my doormat welcoming?
2.  Is my doorbell in working order?
3. How tidy  and healthy does he garden look? Should I add some pot plants?

A  good 1st impression is essential

ENTRY—Ask yourself

1. What is the first thing that I see when I enter?
2. Is everything clean and in working order?
3. Are all the light bulbs operational?

LOUNGE & DINING—Ask yourself

1. To sell, did I remove our personal and family photos?
2. Are my seats welcoming the visitors?
3. Are all my windows clean?

FAMILY ROOM—Ask yourself

1. Did I store the videos and CD cases neatly out of sight?
2. Are my plants healthy ?
3.  Is everything well organised and de-cluttered?

BEDROOMS—must be

1. Encourage tasteful bedding
2. Soft lights on the bedside tables
3. Immaculate en-suite

OFFICE—must be

Tidy, shelves preferably with books sorted by colour and desk in the power position.

HAPPY Feng Shui Sale!

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html