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After a long time away, I came back home and looked at my garden. Its sector ‘2’ (Love & Relationship) was reflecting what was happening in my life… too busy being away and no time for a partner! Within 24 hours I was removing the high grass and weeds that were covering the veggie patch in that area and I now had a clear soil to start planting.

I was sweating and happy! I put my tools away in the garden shed and headed back to the house when my eyes spotted a wonderful good omen: in my lawn, 2 four leaves cloves were looking at me… Double luck!

Finding one 4 leaves clove is already a good sign… finding 2 of them in my “Love & Relationship” section of my garden, I thought… is really magic!

While working in my garden, I showed to the universe that I am ready for a nice relationship and I got some results straight away!

In the 3 days that followed:
– I was very surprised to be contacted – out of the blue – by an old boyfriend who was in my life 25 years ago while I lived in Europe
– I was invited for dinner by a lovely man who I am romantically NOT interested
– I got a phone call of a male friend who mentioned that he sent me a surprise parcel!

Good omens… AND – that’s only the beginning!

May I encourage you to put your intents and happy thoughts in your Feng Shui adjustments? You too will soon reap the rewards!

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html