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Applying Feng Shui is so much more than placing a 3 legged toad in the front entry or in your “money” corner… Feng Shui is embracing the concept of CHI (energy, life) while connecting with the elements of Nature.

Pic 1 – Kakadu National Park, NT (Australia)

Once you start listening to what Nature tells you… life takes on a totally new dimension! When you integrate Wind (Air), Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal  in your daily life—you are becoming ONE with what is happening around you.

Believe me: everyone can tune into Nature, you just need time out and look around you differently!

Since the beginning of 2011, we have witnessed floods in Queensland (Australia), Fire in Perth (Australia),  cyclone Yasi in Tropical North Australia, earthquakes in Christchurch (New Zealand), earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the list goes on! Nature talks to us, sometimes gently, sometimes through big catastrophes.

When walking in Nature on a regular basis, you start your personal “Journey of Discovery”. Be at peace in a rainforest or in the desert, stop and listen. It is in Nature that you will start feeling all your senses becoming more and more acute. You become more aware. Your intuition develops.

I am so grateful to allow some ‘me’ time.
How about you?
How often do you offer yourself even just a few minutes per day to detach from stress and look at Nature?
Yes, you too can learn and be as connected as I am. This is part of my teachings and Feng Shui trainings. With my programs, I do travel a lot all over the world. Yes, I live my Feng Shui passion to the utmost and I ALWAYS take time to connect.

Pic 2 – Connecting with Water, Newell Beach FNQ (Australia)

Different countries have different languages… and everyone in the world understands the language of Nature. Nature has, over the years, made my Feng Shui advice and teachings so more powerful.

You too, get connected.
Become aware. Live better. Be safe. Enjoy Life!

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