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Dear Roseline, “I am confused with the compass directions, do I need to buy or build a house suited to my personal directions only?”

There are many schools of Feng Shui – various consultants will follow different schools… it can be compared as studying English in England, Scotland, USA or Australia… we all speak the same language but express it differently – there is no right or wrong way, just different words and idioms.
Same for Feng Shui, each consultant will follow one or two main schools (approaches).

Building a house with auspicious directions for you only, could create limitations for further selling your home. On the other hand, would you wish to follow the Compass school only, think of designing your plans with a few rules each with different directions.

May I suggest though… When building, work firstly in synergy with the Land, design your home and add intuitive, tasteful and powerful Feng Shui suggestions that would suit everyone. Using FORM and BLACK HAT guidance will create a welcoming and auspicious environment suitable for all.

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