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“Dear Roseline, When I read some Feng Shui books, it seems my house is ‘bad’. How can I remedy?”

Statistically speaking, there are not many terribly ‘bad’ houses! The house that you have chosen is the one you fell in love with, the one who welcomes you and that you have something to learn from! In the past 20 years I have consulted thousands of places and only recommended to a few clients to move out due to major health issues.

Too many Feng Shui adepts see and focus on Fear in their lives. I choose to look at common sense first then add the amazing amount of possibilities that exist to make Feng Shui work for us! What sort of outlook on life do you prefer?

Remember – The Universe only sends you what you are capable to deal with. When you face a challenge you always find your solution!

Roseline Deleu,
international Feng Shui Master & Best-selling author

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