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In these rapid times of massive shifts and changes, we all become more aware to look at our life’s priorities. As predicted in the mayan Calendar, our lives are evolving rapidly to reach 20 Dec 2012!

For many, life seems to take new directions or/and get a new kick each week for some even, every 2 to 3 days! These moments of change can be either exciting for some, destabilising for others. What we all need today (and everyday) is to prioritise and re-organise… inside our homes and also within our emotions and within our old belief system.

To effectively help with this emotional clearing process, discard belongings relating to unhappy memories from the past. Prepare a short list (with today’s date) of your top 3 priorities and put them in big letters in a prominent place and then… ‘de-clutter’. See how fast everything is coming together for you to achieve your dreams especially when applying easy Feng Shui steps.

Feng Shui magic happens more than once in your life time! As you update your views on life, you also regularly assess the look and layout of your surroundings (in that order or the other way around).

The synergy of your initial Feng Shui house design (or for many the analysis of their already existing home) + your Feng Shui furniture placement = create a positive Chi flow that smoothens your life and brings in Love & Happiness. When you change your decor, move some items around, update frames and photos, you adjust your focus to your priorities, wishes and dreams.

Your HOME = Your LIFE
CHI flow = your HAPPINESS

When you discard the unused items out of your garages, wardrobes and cupboards, symbolically you then free yourself from un-necessary sad memories and burdens. When you allow emptiness in the previously too ‘crowded’ draws, wardrobes and rooms… You instantly feel FREE.

Then observe… How long will it take to that space to fill up again?

Similarly, when you decide to get rid of an ancient thought pattern that you no longer need; firstly, return it to its initial sender with the consciousness attached; then, replace it immediately with ‘self-love’ (or anyything else you’d like), like this you cannot leave an empty space for ‘anything else’ to get in there.

By re-assessing what surrounds you in your daily environment (at home and even at work), you automatically review what you wish to clear from your life and what you decide to focus on. That is how you prepare your steps for a happy future.
Enjoy a re-organised environment!  Be aligned.

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