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Dear Roseline, “I already bought a home designed package and the house is under construction. How can I improve and add the ‘good’ Feng Shui now that all is finalised?”

When you think there is a challenge, there is always a solution!

In other words, it is never too late! There is always time for improvements, on many levels.

A Feng Shui visit when your home is under construction or already built will include (+ all what is written in my post on Home Design on this link https://fengshuisteps.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/building-your-new-dream-home-incorporating-feng-shui-principles/ ) the assessment of colours, textures, finishes, placement of your furniture and sometimes when possible for you, suggestions of what new furniture to purchase !

The Feng Shui suggestions will be made according to the needs for balance of the elements lacking in the place/design. Like in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui follows the 5 elements theory that is applied in your home through finishes (tiles, wooden floorboards, carpets, rugs, colours, textures) as well as implementing this through decoration items (statues, special ornaments etc).
When moving into your home, a Feng Shui consultation is recommended for the best possible Chi flow (auspicious energy flow), to assess your health, love, wealth and harmony.
Email me for further queries.

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