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Feng Shui is more and more popular today in our Western world. Many people have become aware and understand the importance, impact and influence of even only a few principles of this ancient Chinese art of placement that brings luck, harmony, health, love and prosperity.
Westerners too, now apply the essential principles in their environment adapting Feng Shui within their own culture, beliefs and incorporate all this into a very tasteful decor! That’s what I do best 🙂

Designing a new home, renovating or simply assessing your living space… there are simple ways Feng Shui can help you enjoy a better life! With this article, I will give you a glimpse of what you will be looking into during my Feng Shui building design project, assessment, consultation or make-over.

The LAND, its location, the site
It all starts with the position of your block of land. My Feng Shui assessment will be based on the Form School, Black Hat School of Feng Shui and ancient Geomancy.
Evaluating the site and its surroundings, always take into account the placement of where the house will be erected. The block of land is preferably flat or sloping upwards. In the surroundings, I suggest keeping the mountains at the back of the house (they are then acting as security and stability for the inhabitants). Potential ‘water’ (or its symbol) should be flowing gently in front of the house in an auspicious direction.
During the geomancy block survey, I detect and check the impact of ley lines (earth radiation lines) and underground water veins – both challenging for human beings’ ultimate health.

The DESIGN, its process, the layout
There are many ways of approaching the design of your new dream home. Either you have an already existing standard home design package from your builder or you wish to start from a blank canvas, working with an architect who will recommend to his favourite builder.

Either way it is possible to include Feng Shui into your design!

A. An existing design from your favourite builder

– Taking into account the Geomantic survey of your block of land and the location of the ley lines and underground water veins, I will encourage you to avoid sleeping above those health hazards. We will look where the standard bedrooms are pre-drawn on the house plans. If ley lines or underground water veins are running under your main bedroom, I will then suggest whenever possible to change the challenged room into other purposes for example into a spare bedroom or other common sense based options.

– On the pre-designed plan from your builder, I will apply a grid showing the influence and impact of this building on various parts of your life (Career, Love, Health, Respect, Prosperity, personal growth, Travels, Helpers, Children, Creations, Studies, Openness, Fame and Recognition). Whenever a challenge appears, we find solution! That is what we discuss for your personal design and we come up with ideas and suggestions to balance and adapt tastefully with what we were confronted with in the initial design.

– When the home design seems to have ‘missing’ life areas. Not every house is a square or a full rectangle, newly built homes with odd shapes will be complemented with gorgeous additions integrated in the landscape and garden design, pergolas, decks, fountains or swimming pools auspiciously positioned.

B. Starting from a blank canvas

– Before my visit, I recommend to my clients to take pictures of the house they like, cut photos in magazines and make a list of their priorities and important desires.

– We then get together with a visit to the block of land to have a ‘feel’ of the place, connect with the surrounding nature and views. I then carry out the block survey. Then we drive back to the client’s home where I can get a better idea of their life today. We can then look at the plan design, house orientation while incorporating the best possible Feng Shui for their well-being. We talk about their wish list and encourage Chi flow in their new place accordingly.

– Clients then contact their architect who will proceed with the final design of what we have sketched incorporating his creativity.

– The finishes suggested during the Feng Shui design process are based on the client’s best interests keeping in mind the best possible potential future sale for the house. Following the Black Hat School of Feng Shui is a bonus that allows a convenient design that would suit the majority of buyers.

I am Roseline Deleu, I have been living my Feng Shui passion and I have helped many clients to design their homes worldwide. I have conducted a huge amount of consultations (and I still do), I teach this art of placement all over the planet. Email me for your personal quote http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html