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Ready for more Love & Tenderness? Let me offer you one of my Feng Shui Enhancers!
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Readers and followers who have displayed my Love & Tenderness Feng Shui Enhancer in their homes share their stories…

I have more love and tenderness for myself, and now find that is also happening in my dealings and feelings for others. I am very grateful. – M.V. (Belgium)

I have to say my life is a little calmer in the love and tenderness section. I don’t seem to be quite so stressed, which has made life easier.  – V.G. (New Caledonia)

Thank you for the Activator – it was very good.  The relationship between my daughter and me has become very, very close again – which it hadn’t in along time. She has become engaged to marry in January and also expecting in September this year. So all good things have happened around me. – T.K. (Australia)

I placed my Feng Shui activator for love and tenderness on the wall facing my bed so that I would see it when I woke up every day.  It made me smile a lot and I think that the love and tenderness has perhaps been directed to myself. – L.K. (Australia)

I did have and do still have love and tenderness since end of December, I have been in a friendship since then with a gorgeous guy, I still have the activator in my bedroom did think would try it for 6 weeks, that you for all the help there! – E. E. (Australia)

I had placed the picture up in my relationship area in the middle of December 2010 then took it down after 9 days. I thought my fiancé would never come to Canberra for Christmas with my family as he likes Sydney Christmas’.   My partner spent Christmas for the first time with my family and myself.  We all had a great time and he said  would definitely do it again.  We also began talking about how we will get married. I also began doing volunteer work in January, but that was one of my goals for this year. – K. S. (Australia)

Well I am engaged…will get married at beginning of October this year!!!! It works Many thanks to you. P.F. (Australia)

Your gift of the Love and Tenderness activator worked well, yes I started getting hugs from friends, even from people who normally don’t give me hugs – cause I’m not a ‘huggy’ type of person and they know that.  But it could’ve been because the Christmas season was coming up and everybody was in a jolly and festive mood and we were all leaving work to go on our holiday break and wishing each other best wishes and hugs.  Perhaps I should hang it up again and see if I can get some more hugs – and a lover !  🙂 – K.J. (Australia)

Thank you for the FS Activator.  I placed it in my wardrobe and area where I need to feel more kindness for my self as I have struggled with how I feel about my body.  Also there I could see it every day as instructed.  I also intended for it to help me in my relationship with my husband and area where I offer struggle to feel both love and tenderness.  I feel it helped with both these things and so did my husband when I asked if he felt that I might had been more gentle towards him. – A.B. (Morocco)

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Enjoy life, your good Feng Shui contributes to Happiness!

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