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Hi Roseline, Remember how much you wanted my laundry to be worked on—which was in my relationship corner— for me to have real success with my intent to meet the right man… Having not been interested for a very long time… I decided to take action, and had a lady especially helped me with serious de-cluttering.

I placed two beautiful candle holders to represent a couple on the clean (de-cluttered) laundry window sill.  Literally exactly 7 days later I had my first communication with an amazing man ‘who is outside of the box’ and met him in person one week later.  We seriously cannot stop smiling and life is grand.  This is total flip out material to say the least.

My laundry was so transformed, that I would keep walking in there to admire it!  I know this is brief and it is so powerful 🙂 cheers my dear—love, Liz

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