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As end of 2012 is approaching, I receive more and more requests from the Elemental Kingdoms for humans to connect with them. Interactions with Wind (Air), Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal (Rocks) are encouraged to be taken into consideration.

A simple exercise to get you started (for those of you who never thought about this connection): look around you and find each of the 5 elements that we follow in Feng Shui + the Wind. When you start your day, simply have a thought for each of them and be in gratitude.

Water – be happy when it rains because fresh water is essential to our survival
Wood – admire a beautiful flower or a tree and think of a compliment
Fire – look at the flame moving smoothly around and feel this soft movement caressing your aura
Earth – walk bare feet and feel its texture
Metal – ‘adopt’ a rock, hold it in your hands before you go to bed and share with it the best thing that happened during your day
Wind – breathe fresh air and be in gratitude to be in a non-polluted area

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html