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“My husband enjoys large mirrors in our bedroom, but then… he cannot sleep. What can we do?”
Many clients call me in for a Feng Shui consultation often to enhance ‘Love’. Once into the bedroom, I know what is happening in their intimate life too… since what surround them in that particular room tells me lots about their sex life.

Follow my suggestion: Sensuality is a Must. What you display in your bedroom will definitely enhance this part of your life!

Keep your bedroom clutter free and decorate with pictures that make you feel ‘warm’, curves, draperies, many assorted cushions and definitely simplicity are all keys to a cosy, pleasant and embracing environment.

When in couple: display a picture of both of you together when you were happy and smiling (avoid water in the landscape). On display, this picture will emanate the vibrations of happiness inside your room. You can change the picture on display as your couple evolves but always encourage a photograph taken in times of good memories.

Are you are single and are ready to activate your sex life? Surround yourself with pictures that inspire you. Offer yourself at least one professional photograph and display it in your bedroom. Some professional are so gifted to bring your advantages forward. Look at yourself with other eyes and compliment yourself daily – every little compliment counts.

Having a large mirror in your bedroom is NOT the best Feng Shui as it can challenge your sleep. Cover the large mirrors with a large vision board or dream pictures so you can’t see your reflection when you are in bed and sleep. Another option : many of those mirrored sliding door can be turned and slide back in the grooves. Do this and test how you sleep – give yourself a few days to get the result it is often very good very fast – then, later, you can choose to invest in changing the door finishes.

Displaying a mirror on the back of your bedroom door, where you cannot see it while you sleep, is a good idea.

Looking at you and giving you compliment is important: the sound of your voice is stored in this mirror and will vibrate this message back to you each time you pass there. Do this for 9 consecutive days to start boosting your confidence.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, best-selling Author, Consultant & inspirational Speaker http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html