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Today, I’d like to share an interesting “Access Consciousness” concept to encourage you to look differently into your material possessions and the importance of Feng Shui philosophy of life.

We have 2 majorly different perspectives and ways of creating on Planet Earth: the HUMANOID perspective: is that FORCE is the source of creation. The HUMAN perspective is to think you have to WORK HARD and sweat in order to create things.

HUMANOIDS recognise their oneness with the universe and they don’t pit themselves against it.

HUMANS live in judgment of everybody else and think that life is just the way it is… and nothing is ever right, so don’t bother to think about another possibility.

HUMANOIDS, on the other hand, look for ways to make things better. When you invent things, when you are always looking for a better, bigger way of creating something, you are a HUMANOID.
HUMANOIDS are the people who create change. They create the inventions, the music and the poetry. They create all the things that come out of a lack of satisfaction with the status quo.
Nearly 50 % of the population is HUMANOID and they are the creators of everything that changes in this reality. A bit more than the other 50% is HUMAN.

HUMANS hold onto things the way they are and never want to change. Have you ever been to somebody’s house where they have not changed the furniture in 30 years? Human!

One of the big differences between humans and humanoids is that HUMANOIDS tend to judge themselves, and HUMANS judge others.
You may, as a HUMANOID, occasionally judge others, usually you only do what when  making yourself more like HUMANS. Judging others is hard work for you.
Most HUMANOIDS find it impossible. When they hear a judgement of someone they say “That would be important based on what?” … So and so did that? Well, maybe under certain circumstances so would I”.
A HUMAN, on the other hand  will say with great certainty “No, I would never do that”.

Instead of sitting in judgement of others, HUMANOIDS tend to sit in judgement of themselves. They find fault with themselves. They figure out how to make themselves better. A HUMAN does not do this.
A HUMAN will tell you what is wrong with YOU and how if you just did things differently or would be ok. “If you’d just stop doing all those weird things you do”… they say “You’d just be fine”. And why would you want anything better that what you have got, anyways because this is all there is?” That is pretty much their defining point of view. This is not for HUMANOIDS. HUMANOIDS recognise their oneness with their bodies and the world around them. They are willing to be in communion with their bodies, and as a result, the possibilities of embodiment show up for them.

HUMANS feel they need material possessions while HUMANOIDS enjoy their surroundings and evolve more freely. So… who do you choose to be? Look at your life and your interiors with new eyes today and follow the HUMANOID trend when you are ready!

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author, Visionary and Philosopher http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html