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What if… today… you gave someone a second chance to give a first impression?
What if… today… you reversed all the negative thoughts you had about someone… and even about you?
What if… today this little voice speaking constantly inside your head… the one that doubts, that lacks confidence and that lives in fear… what if the voice of your EGO were wrong?!
What if the Truth is different of what you thought initially?
What if… you started to listen to your heart instead of struggling with what is in your head!

Strategically – to help you reverse your thinking process – pause after each of your doubts, stop and breathe while reviewing each of your negative thoughts. Then simply ask yourself “To whom does this thought belong to”? Which person put this into your head initially… your parents, siblings, teachers, someone in your past lives? Are you happy with these thoughts or are you ready and willing to un-create and destroy them now? Then, re-phrase your thoughts immediately this time around being: positively open minded!

What if… today, you updated those pictures with new ones, those new ones reflecting happy moments, smiles and laughers or peaceful sceneries of a recent lovely trip?

What if… today, you changed the furniture placement of one of your rooms and update its décor?

What do you have to win…? A change!

“BE the change YOU want to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandi”

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