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Chi (pronounced chee) is the most important component of Feng Shui. Chi is life essence, a motivating force that animates all things. Chi could also be referred to as cosmic breath, energy, life force or prana. It maintains our physical and emotional balance, our environmental stability and universal equilibrium.

Our personal Chi
The first type of Chi animates our bodies. Each one of us possesses a personal Chi for we are not only flesh and bones! We vibrate. Our aura expands and retracts depending on our health and moods. Our cells continually regenerate yet our basic self is the same. That constant self is our personal Chi. The quality of our personal Chi can be enhanced with daily exercise, good food and a balanced way of living. If our Chi is blocked and not flowing, it will be reflected in our posture, moods, movements, the way we speak, appear and behave.

As ‘energy beings’ we vibrate. Depending on our health and moods, our aura will contract or expand.

Earth Chi
The second type of Chi circulates, spirals and meanders in the earth. If it moves near the surface of the earth, land appears fertile the weather is mild, the trees and vegetation grow, water and air quality is fresher and clearer. This is the optimum area to build a home. Wherever Chi recedes from the surface of the earth, nothing grows and desert landscape forms.

These Earth energies influence our health. Just like our bodies, the Earth has energy meridians and vortexes equivalent to what we know in acupuncture, chakra balancing and energy points.

Some earth energies can affect our health. Underground water veins and ley lines have to be discovered to complete a physical healing process. Dowsing and water divining are an important part of the Feng Shui study to find the best possible environment to live in.

The effect of ley lines and underground water veins can be seen in nature through how trees appear. Twisted trees could show that they are growing on ley line; branches pointing downwards reveal an underground water vein.

Heaven Chi
Chi permeates the universe. We cannot change the position of the stars and planets in the sky nor the time of that particular moment where we were born. Feng Shui relates this with Heaven Chi. Look at the concept of heaven being on earth and relate it to our homes, office and usual surroundings, by placing our furniture to promote a gentle Chi flow we can affect our lives for the better!

When your astrology reading forecasts a potential accident on a particular time of your life, having the correct Chi flow around you should decrease the severity of your life lesson and you might just twist your ankle rather than crashing your brand new car!

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