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Dear Roseline, After cleaning my home on Saturday and preparing for our dinner party, I closed a drawer and a photo fell on one of my many Buddha’s and smashed it to pieces. After the shock I put the pieces in a bowl with some rock salt and burnt some incense is there anything else I need to do as a cure for this incident? The photo was of my husband’s son who committed suicide several years ago, what are your thoughts about this? Thank you—Sandra

Dear Sandra, When I tune into the consciousness that you describe, I feel that your husband’s son has progressed and is now at Peace. People committing suicide can ‘hover’ along for a while before going to the Light. It is time to thank the Buddha for this sign and discard the broken pieces in the bin. Let it go. It is a good omen after all! Kind regards, Roseline

Dear Roseline, Thank you so much – I feel at peace with the breakage now and I know my husband will be feeling better – even though it is a long time since Jack past, you always wonder about them being at peace when they take their own life. Thank you so much I cannot tell how much your email meant to me. Care and peace be with you! –  Sandra

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