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This story happened a few years ago and as I am about to go and wash my lovely car, it reminded me that it was a good idea to share this with you…

Donna is one of my Feng Shui Practitioners living on the Sunshine Coast (Australia), here is her story:

Roseline, I’d like to tell you about great results from Australia Day just past.  My eldest son is busy saving for his overseas trip in 2010.  As a part of his savings plan he has taken on cab driving as a form of extra income. He called me on Australia Day, after leaving at 4.30am expecting  many fares and… stated how incredibly quiet it has been all morning.

As a result of my training and using  Feng Shui tools on a daily basis, I suggested he cleaned the windows of the cab, with attention, good intents, care and love while waiting for his next fare.  Not long after he texts back ‘Thanks Mum, awesome things are happening now’ and he continued to be busy for the rest of that day and in fact in subsequent shifts blessings of all shapes and sizes appeared. 

Love and care can be applied to every part of our lives, whether it be at home, at work, in the classroom, wherever we are and whatever we do, as stated here, even for taxis ! Welcome Feng Shui into your life e v e r y day and feel some exciting and wonderful results for yourself! Donna 🙂

Note from Roseline – Donna’s son went to his trip to Europe and had a fantastic time! Windows and windscreen symbolise the ‘eyes’, your view on life.

Hop, hop, hop, my time to go out and happily clean my car now. I welcome all new opportunities that this will bring to me.

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