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Meet two of my Feng Shui Babies… Many couples nowadays struggle with their fertility. Processed and genetically modified food don’t help! What and how all this is affecting us, doctors still don’t know for sure.

For many years now, I have been called to homes to consult for clients who want to enhance Love, Wealth, Health, and Harmony into their lives. During my visit, I SEE and FEEL their lives and their homes TALK to me. Then, clients open up and many have shared with me their lack of fertility and their struggle with IVF. During the IVF process, women and men loose often self confidence, the couple can go through challenging times… they opt for IVF because it seems to be the popular way to go. What else is out there?

Katia as on IVF when she emailed me her house plans in 2005. She had already gone through miscarriages and was wondering if I could suggest her anything. I map dowsed her home and found lots of underground water veins running under their bed. I suggested to move for a few months in the spare bedroom. Katia became pregnant within the 2 months that followed the move. They stayed in the spare room until their baby girl was born.

I saw them in Europe in 2009, and again, Katia went on IVF—nothing seemed to happen. This time, I was there… and physically dowsed their home where I found underground water veins, then she reminded me of those I traced on her plans and had sent her a few years ago. Amazing, they were at the same place! They were sleeping in the same bedroom that the one where they struggled a few years before! Early May 2009, I told her to either change bedroom again this time or suggested her some other Feng Shui solutions. In September 2009 she happily announced me her new pregnancy! It happened so fast. A gorgeous baby boy was born in Feb 2010, healthy and happy as you can see in the picture of all us.

I only shared here with one of the many stories of my Feng Shui Babies.

May I suggest to look into booking your personalised Feng Shui consultation. This will in NO mean replace your doctor’s diagnose! With Feng Shui, you might need NO hormones injections, NO moods changes! Just my visit to assess your home and more specifically dowse your master bedroom for health purposes. Then, the correct placement of some cures help you welcome a baby into your life as soon as you are ready. What is the best that can happen?… A pregnancy appearing within the next few weeks! When you are desperate you would try anything, and this is not much health risk involved.

A Feng Shui Consultation with me is a life changing experience. Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant and best-selling author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/index.html