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I have been privileged to meet and to be inspired by Steven Guth for the past 15 years and have high respect for his Feng Shui approach. Today, I choose to share one of Steven’s articles about the Mih Mih Spirits (MiMis) – this will give you new and other insights… and help you find your keys…
Since I discovered the Mimi Spirits, I do use and play with them tuning into choosing correct Feng Shui adjustments for homes. Interacting with the unseen can make your environment more harmonious, enhancing smooth relationships and improving health and… helping to find my car keys when ‘I’ misplaced them.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/index.html

Mih Mih Spirits, who are they? – by Steven O. Guth

– “Yesterday, in the morning, on the veranda.”
– “What?” I asked.
– “Mimis” replied Lyzz, “Little spirit shapes full of mischief.”
– “Are they Aboriginal – like you?”
– “No, they are Australian.”
– “Show me.”
– “OK, next time I visit you; your house is full of them.”
Lyzz did show me and that started my study of Mimis. That was ten years ago.

I guess there are two rules about Mimis (also spelled Mih Mihs):
1. They are shape shifters.
2. They are mostly found in places where earth energies leak out from the ground.

Mimis live together with people, mixing themselves in with their lives.  Boredom is their problem and they will create mischief  and in fact do almost anything to keep themselves occupied.

You can almost hear them saying, “Let’s get Steven to lose his car keys.” So when I put down the keys they cloud over my mind. In minutes I forget where I put them. So I start looking, and look and look. “…gee that’s fun, he’s swearing – that’s great.”

Mimis are not quite Gnomes.

Lyzz was right, they are Australian. They live above ground in energy streams. Gnomes live underground and find it hard to manifest above ground. Gnomes hate light, Mimis don’t seem to mind at all. They are not quite Elves of Fairies either, and I’ve never sensed them anywhere else in the world.

Like Gnomes, Mimis love to play with children and household pets.

Mimis are shape shifters, that’s one way they play their games. “Did he say he was scared of hairy ghosts? We’ll pile together and make him one, and when he goes to bed tonight …” Or they can make themselves into dark and evil beings, or cute little fairy babies. May Gibbs with her cute Gumnut Babies and evil Banksia Men linked a generation of Australian children to their neighbourhood Mimis.

Canberra has lots of escaping ground energies.  They are usually strongest in the in the Woden area and weakest in the newer parts of Gungahlin. Perhaps one in three houses has significant ground energy flow. Maybe your house too?

Our Canberra house is Mimi infested (is that the right word?) Perhaps we are living on an old high energy Aboriginal site. Our Mimis may have been sharing our space with humans for thousands upon thousands of years. They seem to like interacting with people, which maybe why I can almost hear them speak. The previous owners of our house drank lots; there was much social drinking with a private bar and a dance floor. Yes, they can influence people to do that… or to take drugs, or to argue. Anything, moral or immoral, to create activity and stop boredom.

With help we have got them to do useful things – to look after our pet dogs, tell us when plants need watering and play with the four children that live in the house.

Just before sunset is ‘silly time’ when the kids race around the corridors with a flock of Mimis running and dancing alongside. The Mimis like story time too, books are a puzzle and of course they can’t read. May Gibbs must have been popular bed time reading.

Steven Otto Guth, Visionary http://www.messagestone.net/