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Over all my Feng Shui years, I have gathered many new ideas to create powerful Feng Shui ‘magic’ within your Décor. A few years ago I visited an Art expo in Belgium where I saw a large size illustration of an idea that works really well; so I decided to guide you to Make-Your-Own powerful FENG SHUI MOBILE.


A. Collect leaves (possibly softly curved) of a tree in your garden or in your neighbourhood. While choosing the tree, ask the Universe to show you the tree(s) that will help you with this process. Connect with your ‘new friend’ hugging it and thanking it for the leaves that you can gather. Tell it the purpose of the new use of its leaves. Be aware that you are bringing its energies in your home and there fore this connection is important.

B. Dry the leaves:  remove all damp and moisture of each leave by placing them FLAT in between Canson paper (we call this paper ‘buvard’ in French). It is a strong, thick absorbing flat paper. Once placed in between  the papers, the flat individual leaves have to be pressed. A few heavy phone directories might be doing the job if you do not have a press handy. Remember to be creative, Feng Shui makes you think outside the square and find solutions without going to buy anything!

C. Paint each leaf individually. After a few weeks of drying flat between the absorbing paper, the moist should be out of the leaves. They are now ready to be painted and receive their new purpose. Some of them even might have a few little ‘holes’ making a leaf look like lace. These are wonderful art treasures now!
While carefully painting them, keep your intent in mind—for example: “this mobile enhances Chi flow” (general purpose) OR “each leaf  helps creating a new idea” (then place it in sector 7 and paint leaves white, light grey or metal colours). Etc…
Choosing various shades of soft pastels pinks and displayed in your sector ‘2’ when finished will… YES! Enhance LOVE.

D. Glue leaves in rows and hang them with a clip on a fishing line on a circular or a square bamboo support.

E. Display your mobile inside your home in the area where you need ‘movement’. Change its placement regularly for more results.

Q. Why is it important to choose leaves from a tree in your neighbourhood?
A. It is always more powerful to use the Nature that surrounds you as it already vibrates with a known energy that you can subtly manage to your advantage.

Q. Aren’t these dried leaves ‘dead’ energy?
A. Because you have asked permission to the tree and have processed these leaves with Love and positive intent creating your Feng Shui mobile, they are ‘charged’ with ‘a mission’. The movement created with the mobile will help manifesting your wishes.

Send me your feed back and photos of the mobiles that you have created.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Author, best-selling Author, Visionary and Inspirational Speaker http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html