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Today I’d like to share with you an unusual light that I saw at one of my client’s. Her husband is very creative and has built a ‘bin light‘: a light bulb inserted into a brand new plastic bin.

Initially I thought it was a challenging place to display it in the “Love, Marriage & Relationship” area (sector 2 of the magic square) of their home – it was subtly reflecting something…

Speaking with clients is essential before starting my Feng Shui consultation and I understood that there were a few beliefs to ‘throw in the bin’ in order to improve this relationship. So, we did!

We did not move nor remove the bin light but we looked into the lady client’s beliefs and doubts while reorganising the Chi flow and decor inside the whole house. The positive effects of our conversation combined with our Feng Shui ‘make-over’ were felt within the next few hours. My client shifted her beliefs, her fears, her doubts and when her husband came home that afternoon, she was happily surprised with his lovely mood and encouraging words.

In my previous posts, I already mentioned how important the intent is when you proceed with a Feng Shui change/adjustment. Here too… The bin is still in sector 2 and the relationship has improve tremendously because we did not focus on the problems that were there, together we found outlets and suggestions and in addition, we moved furniture, changed photos and frames on display, removed a few items and more importantly, we worked on the Feng Shui on the Mind too!

Understanding and acknowledging a challenge is already moving forward to finding your own solutions! Accompany those good intentions with the Feng Shui changes and all is well – very fast!

I used to say to my students that they would reap the results within 9 days… Today with the Yang (active) energies of 2012, when my powerful Feng Shui is combined with focus and good intents, results happens withing hours! Freeky? No – really great !

Let the magic of Feng Shui help you in your home and get in a better life.

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