Vintage Pearls on my wrist

A dear friend of mine offered me a gorgeous real pearl necklace over 100 years old that she had received herself from an old and dear friend. As soon as I put it around my neck to show her how good it looked on me, I felt strangled…

To avoid hurting her feelings, I did not mention anything about this incident but simply asked what had happened to her friend. Her friend (who had passed) was an interesting lady who went though tough times in concentration camps during the 2nd World War. I understood that her vibrations and memories had been ‘charged’ in the pearls and that this consciousness had never been cleared.

I decided to cleanse this necklace several times during the full moons nights in respect of who she had been and endured. Today, I wear it proudly for special occasions without feeling any negative effects and feeling very special to have such a valuable item from someone who I now better understand, respect and honour.

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