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To my understanding and my perception, and… having visited and consulted thousands of houses over my past 20+ Feng Shui years, I can tell you that mirrors are real gateways to spirits!

Gateways -yes – and they also act like sponges and ‘keep in mind’ all what happened in their vicinity. This is one of the reasons why having mirrors in a bedroom (new or old mirrors) can be disturbing your sleep, having babies waking up at night crying for no obvious reason. Do you have a mirror reflecting your body when laying in bed? It is recommended to cover it during your rest.

Mirror ‘As New’ -> Need to be perfectly flat and levelled – any distorted mirror will reflect a distorted view of your persona. Tiled mirrors can only ‘cut’ you into pieces and could have a subtle impact on the reason why you are loosing self-confidence.

Mirror ‘Second Hand’ -> Has to be cleansed thoroughly to remove as much as possible from its past memories.

Two steps are essential:
Step 1 – Use cleaning product (e.g. Windex, Glassex, etc.) OR a few drops of vinegar to salted water + paper towel to give a sparkle AND make sure that you add your intent of cleansing all memories from this newly bought or old item.
Step 2
– Put the mirror outside on your lawn facing up during the full moon to remove any old energy.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant, best selling Author, Visionary and happy human being – discover more on http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html