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Dear Roseline, Everything you have taught me over the last five years has served me and my family very well. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with me, together with prayer, has helped me not only survive it also enabled me to make changes whenever and wherever possible which in turn has had a positive effect on all around us, some may even be thinking ‘ah, is there more to life than I thought’.

Prior to completing the Feng Shui Practitioner Course with you, I would not have known even where to begin.

Being an Earth 2 (who has been wearing wooden beads quite often with intention lately), with three Wood 3’s, two Earth 8’s and one Fire 9 in our household, man, have there been changes in this household! The powerful and useful tools that you, Roseline, have shared with me over time has helped my confidence to grow, which I so needed, especially amongst all the adversity in this new year. The benefits have also passed on to my children, family members and friends.  I am so loving the connection I feel with Spirit, which has been highlighted since completing the course, and with all of God’s little creatures and symbols that surround me – it feels great and fills me with a deep sense of peace and comfort.

Little reminders of these wonders come every single day and I give sincere thanks for them.

Thank you Roseline for your wisdom and your friendship. I look forward to more learning through you in the future! Donna E. Sunshine Coast (Australia)

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