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For quite some time now, a client wanted to sell an antique dining suite which had been gathering dust in her garage. Although it was in perfect condition, it was :
1) too big for her home,
2) it belonged to her past,
3) it didn’t fit with her new lifestyle.

Anyway, she was not using it anymore. She took pictures and put it for sale on eBay. No bids after 10 days, unfortunately. Then she moved house and storage was even more of a problem so she remembered what I told her…

She wrote (engraved with a toothpick) “I welcome money” each day for 9 consecutive days on a tea candle, she lit it safely in her ‘Wealth’ corner and re-advertised her furniture on eBay for another 10 days. Well, it didn’t sell on eBay, but one of the people watching it contacted her and they agreed on a price that suited them both.

Within 2 weeks her furniture was gone to a new welcoming home interstate, and she got some space back as well as some much needed money. She was really surprised that it worked so well and so quickly!

“Thanks so much for your advice, Roseline!”

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